When giving your father of the bride speeches you want to make it special, meaningful, and memorable not only for your daughter but for yourself and the other guests in attendance.  You look through books and online but everything seems to say the same old thing but in different ways so what should you do.

Finding inspiration to write a memorable father of the bride speech

The first thing that you need to do is start to look for sources of inspiration to make your speech unique.  This is something that should not be done a week before the wedding but should be done several months before the big day.  You should have plenty of time to find a source of inspiration to help write your bride’s father speech because planning a wedding can take time.

Here are some tips to help you find that source of inspiration to make your speech unique:

  • Write from the heart.  Have several drafts of the speech to choose from that you can polish up to make it unique or take parts from all of the drafts to make the final one.
  • To make it easier to write your speech break it down into parts you can manage such as the introduction, body, and toast.
  • Make sure that you are using one theme for all three parts because you will not have to worry about tying up all the ends to make it sound complete when giving the toast.
  • Inject some humor about your daughter, son-in-law, or both of them.  Make sure that the humor does not embarrass anyone.
  • Be natural and talk about your feelings.  You want to convey a heartfelt memory and speech.

If you are still having trouble look at some of the father of the bride speech samples to see how they are done and then use your own heartfelt words.  You can also take the time to look back on some of the photos of your daughter to find one or two that bring pleasant memories and use them in your speech.   Picture her in her wedding gown and how that makes you feel.  Look at how happy she is planning her wedding, the way her face lights up when he comes to the house.  There are many things that are going on that will help to give you inspiration and things to include into your speech.   You can also include some love quote or inspiration at the end of the speech before the toast or as part of the toast.

New ideas for your speech

In order to come up with new ideas for father of the bride speeches you need to be open and honest when you start to write your speech.  Make sure that you use your own memories for the speech.  It is okay to go online and look at sample speeches but you should not just copy them down and insert the right names in the places where they should be because it will sound stilted and humdrum.  It will not be a father of the bride speech that your daughter will want to remember, which is something that you do not want her to do.  You want to see the smile on her face as you give it, you want to bring a laugh from her and the guests, you want to help her remember some of the good times she had as a little girl and how much she impacted your life.  The father of the bride speech does not need to sound like a professional is doing it but instead should sound like a father who has a lot of love for his daughter.  Think about her first day of school, her first words, when she first called you dada, her graduation, etc.  There is a multitude of experiences you can draw on to get new ideas.

Examples of inspirational speeches

Here are some examples of parts of inspirational speeches that will give your daughter wonderful memories:

  • “My daughter (her name) it seems like only yesterday that you were holding onto my little finger and calling me dada.   Soon (groom’s name) will have the same experience of hearing his daughter call him dada and you momma.  Your heart will shatter at these two words.  Today my heart has some cracks in it as you are now all grown up and starting on a new chapter in your life as wife to (groom’s name) and in time momma to my grandchildren.”
  • “To my beautiful daughter who brought tears to my eyes as I walked her down the aisle to join (groom’s name) and become his wife but no matter what title you hold you will always be my little girl and a gift from heaven.  As you matured into a beautiful woman you slowly grew wings so spread those wings and fly the nest my little bird.”
  • “From pigtails, skinned knees, and being a tomboy who always said little boys had cooties that has grown into a beautiful woman and has realized that boys do not have cooties and it is not yucky to kiss them.  Here is too much happiness in the years ahead.”
  • “(daughter’s name) and (son-in-law’s name) you are embarking on a new stage in life’s journey as husband and wife.  May this stage in your journey be full of love, happiness, and joy.  (son-in-law’s name) may you treat my daughter, your wife, with respect, and love throughout this marriage.  (daughter’s name) may you treat my son-in-law, your husband, with respect and love throughout this marriage.  I want to at this time welcome (son-in-law’s name) to our family.  Make sure that you kiss each other first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.  Keep the communication lines open and learn to talk it out, not shout it out.
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