You can easily offer quality in your wedding speeches. Father of the bride wedding speeches are very important, but for an easy understanding on what you need to do and how you need to say what you really mean to say only takes careful planning, organized ideas and creativity. After what’s fun in a speech if it’s not creative or at least close to creative? Have you ever noticed that the speeches you have been listening to were all missing that special something which could’ve made you enjoy them? Well, this is exactly what we intend to present in this article.

father of the bride wedding speehNoticed something different within the first lines of this article? Even the writing style of what you are currently reading is focused on presenting a new approach by giving things a new style, so that you wonder what interesting things are about to follow. Trust me on this: keep on reading and you won’t regret!

So, I mentioned careful planning. Let’s revise what careful planning really involves and what it really is about. If you ever read some of those “wise-guy books”, then you’ve probably read a lot of sloppy content. I’m saying this because most such books are real hoaxes and they won’t ever effectively teach you anything real. So what does planning really involve? Some of the below elements should be within your planning:

  1. Think about the ones that have been invited and are likely to participate. Actually, you can’t know everyone personally, but you might easily deduct people’s personalities if you had a couple of conversations with them sometime. Even if that’s not your case, you do know the family members, your own family as well as the groom’s family. Think about your sister, Sarah, since she won’t enjoy if you speak more than 4 minutes. And what about your cousin, Peter, who always hates bad jokes? These are schematic examples, but you can include other people’s expected reactions into your planning. However, don’t exaggerate with things. You know you won’t be able to please all of your listeners.
  2. You need to revise timing. What you are about to say – can it be included in the useful speech time? The useful speech time is the timing at which the majority of the invited people are still listening to what you’re saying. This is usually not more than 4-5 minutes. If you get into long stories, long jokes and whatever things that you think are important to you, you’ll definitely exceed 10 minutes or even exceed 20 minutes. You don’t want that to happen!
  3. The above point just brought up another crucial planning part: what is important in your father of the bride speech? What might be important to you, might be ignored by the majority of your listeners. Remember: the wedding is the most special day for your daughter, and you need to focus on the things that are important to her, instead of focusing on things that you consider important. You are her father and nothing will change that, but that doesn’t mean you have to prove yourself through your wedding speech. Besides, everyone knows you’re the father of the bride and they don’t expect brave demonstrations.
  4. Get rid if your boring tone of voice. Occasionally, we tend to have a boring tone without even noticing. How would you notice? Ask your wife in private, before the wedding. This is part of the planning: you handle some test-speech sessions. If anyone would ever honestly tell you whether you sound boring or not is your wife. You can’t rely on other people’s opinions.
  5. Be a real father, a real man and don’t drop more than 2-4 tears. You have the real reason to cry, but never openly and never during your father of the bride speech. If you feel like you should drop a few tears, do that, but get over it quickly.
  6. Practice how your hands will be positioned during the speech. During speeches a lot of people have really awkward gestures by not professionally expressing themselves with their hands’ positions. It’s part of the body language and people understand body language instinctively.
  7. Practice where you will look while speaking. Looking in too many directions or looking at one person during the entire speech is a really bad idea. Looking at your daughter, then at others, then again at your daughter is one of the where-to-look-at orders you could eventually follow.
  8. Plan your speech. Plan the length. If you say that you’d like it to be 3 minutes then make sure to carve the best 3-minutes speech you have ever done in your entire life. People will appreciate your speech, but so will your daughter. This is one way to show her that you care.
  9. It is wise to speak from the heart. Although some “experts” might have “perfect” ideas and knowledge on this matter, they can’t replace your feelings with theirs. Also, people would easily notice if you don’t speak your own words. It’s just very easy to notice the difference.
  10. If you considered jokes, choose appropriate jokes. Remember that it’s not a football match and not a let’s-drink-beer hangout. It’s your daughter’s wedding and only some types of jokes could fall within the lines of your speech. However, this would never mean that you have to joke. Only if it’s suitable.

These are 10 important planning-points to handle your father of the bride speech with maximal amount of professionalism. Even if I am not the number-one expert in this field, I will tell you this – after reading hundreds of articles, several books and attending seminars, these are my conclusions. I could continue writing other conclusions on planning, but it’s all there. Other points are only very small details and you will notice them yourself.

Organizing your ideas should be fairly easy if you write them down, multiple times. Don’t be afraid to sketch. As everyone has a “test”, you should test your own ideas and organize them structurally, based on meaningfulness and based on timing (when you are saying it – beginning, middle or end of the speech). Remember the simple speech structure: introduction, main ideas (speaking about your daughter, welcoming the groom in the family and thanking people who helped you) and then the ending. This is how the organizational structure of any father of the bride speech should be like.

The very last point I did mention was creativity. Want me to tell you an honest opinion? Creativity can never be learned! Creativity is that simple element within any activity of your life which can be: fun, interesting, captivating, out of the ordinary and innovative. Yeah, that’s basically what creative is.

Thanks for reading my quality father of the bride wedding speech bride! You can leave your comments and suggestions if you want to!

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