For your father of the bride speech, you definitely need some of the best tips in order to make sure that what you are doing is right and suitable for the upcoming ceremony and life changing event. It’s a serious issue and many fathers have gone through these things already. Most of them had a lot of frustration, while others handled things easily. The choice is always yours, because it is easy to deal with the simple things in the same way that it is easy to complicate them (and make yourself believe that everything is lacking solutions and is also complicated).

To present our tips, we have made use of the most common platforms and sources you have at hand. New things always come by realizing that existing things you may have ignored can be used, or they also come if you are creative and have newer ideas of your own. In any case, talent is always great to be used, so if you have any new ideas for your own father of the bride speech and you are convinced they are good – you can use them!

Find out as much as you can about your daughter’s personality

Sometimes I deal with a common situation that makes me wonder. My friends come to me and ask me to tell them how they are supposed to write a great father of the bride speech, but they don’t know enough about their own daughters. What I hear, quite often, is that “she likes pizza” or “she has a lot of dresses and friends”. I mean people, seriously! Do these things define a woman, even if that woman is “only” your daughter? You definitely need to know a lot more than this, if you truly want a great speech. Going without such information is like being sad for not winning a prize, for which you never entered into contest.

The better of the first steps is observation. Try to notice how your daughter behaves. What does she do every day? Where does she like to go? How are her friends, both boys and girls? Also, what kind of things she likes to discuss about? Unfortunately, the questions to these answers are better known by the mothers, because seemingly women pay a lot more attention to details than men. Just because this is a general case, doesn’t mean you can’t pay some attention and find out something brand new.

You can also have some dad and daughter time, during which you will talk with your daughter about several aspects of life. You can take her out, have a family time or simply with her only, during which you will have several opportunities to find out what you really need to know. It is always good to spend time with the loved ones, especially when a wedding is approaching. Things are going to change after the wedding, because as a married woman you can’t expect her to spend the same amount of time with you as before. I know it is sometimes truly difficult to understand that a daughter gets in the hands and care of another man, but just think about your wife – her father trusted her into your hands. This is simply the way life was meant to be, this is how it goes.

Girls like shopping and drinking juices, tea, and coffee. Take your daughter out and try to ask her what she has been thinking about recently and what are the thoughts running through her mind. The more you find out, the easier it will get to write an amazing father of the bride speech. It doesn’t necessarily take days or weeks to know some more details about her preferences and personality – after all, she is your daughter and you raised her up.

Then, alternatively, you can talk with your wife about your daughter. I am sure that your wife knows a whole lot about the bride-to-be’s life, even more than you might imagine currently. Such information is of great help for the contents of your speech. Don’t be ashamed of these things, because you can always use any sort of help (especially if it’s good help) to sort complicated things out.

If you know any of her friends, and even girlfriends you can gather with them a bit. You could ask them directly and honestly, so that they would tell you what their opinion is about her personality, preferences, style and general aspects of life. This will all be of help!

Try to focus on the best parts of your daughter’s life and personality

During your father of the groom speech, whether you are able to admit it or not, your favorite moment will be the one when you finally get the chance to talk about your daughter. That is the time when all nostalgic moments and old memories will pop up in your mind and you will feel an instinct to tell others about these experiences.

Now, don’t get me wrong for what I am about to say here. It is not necessarily wrong to talk about your daughter, but everything must be kept in good limits. The most important limit is the one most fathers fail to respect during wedding speeches. This limit is called the time limit. If you can truly respect the time limit, it will become easy for you to speak and be listened. However, if you jump over the hedge and act without respect on time, you can’t have any success. The ideal time amount to speak about the bride is like a couple of minutes only. And that doesn’t mean 10 minutes, not at all! Don’t exceed 2 minutes, or else the speech might be a failure.

It is very important to highlight the best parts of your daughter’s life. Think about the times she had success, like finishing high school, like being admitted to academic studies and so forth. There are so many details of life that can be considered as successful events. Of course, if your daughter has been an ace in several aspects of life, then you need to limit the details you share. It’s not like a 2000 page book with hundreds of references, so you better keep it shorter, even if she has a lot of credits!

Then, every father should enjoy talking about his daughter’s personality. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start complaining about her negative characteristics in public. The real purpose is that people will hear positive things from you and find out how great this woman is. Even if family members already respect her, it is important that you speak out these things loudly and it is also important that friends and other guests will hear about her. If she has a kind heart, if she is always there to help those who need her – tell people about it. Your daughter will surely appreciate if she will hear such things from you.

Think about the location and the time of the wedding

No, this part of the article is not about organizing the wedding. It is specifically about using some already known details to your own advantage, making sure that all these would help you to edit a high quality father of the bride speech.

The location where weddings can be held are so various. There are many types of weddings, some more classical, some ultra-modern and some even have their own specific topics, selected by the young couple. Now, such details will help you talk about the vision of the young couple. After all, your speech should include talking about the lovebirds and telling people what they are up to and what their main goals are in life (goals that should be achieved soon). If you don’t talk about their vision, it’s not a problem. You can also use the wedding location and setting to favor your speech introduction. People must be able to remain captivated by your words, so it’s only your personal choice to make it happen or not.

Things are also about the time. There are basically 4 seasons for weddings – even if it’s rare, weddings sometimes take place during the winter too. So, it’s not uncommon to have a winter wedding, or any other season’s wedding. What do you need to know about time and why it is that important?

The season of the wedding, the specific period of the year chosen by your daughter and her beloved husband comes with certain unique characteristics. These aspects are worthy of mentioning in a way or another. You can make some jokes about these things, notice how certain people are dressed, or make other remarks. However, when you are about to make a remark, make sure it’s not offensive and it doesn’t come with double meaning. You wouldn’t want people to interpret your good intentions as wrong ones. All you should care about is to have everyone (or nearly everyone) pleased with your speech. If that is achieved, your father of the bride speech is a true success.

Video ideas are great

There are so many materials modern people can learn from and videos are definitely no exception. One should always make sure that he watches great videos to inspire his speech ideas. For example, you could find some old movies that are great. You don’t even have to purchase them, you can only go for a rental or a trailer online. Why are these movies helpful? There have been dozens and even hundreds of movies during the past decades, all about comedy, weddings and various other similar topics, such as romance and all other genres. These movies all come with different perspectives and viewpoints, but they have something in common: which was ever appreciated and successful definitely has something to tell you. It is only for your free time and patience to read, to decipher the real message of a movie or another.

Then, you also need to be smart with movies. Especially when thinking about comedies, not all comedies are within the common good sense of wedding events. You will need to understand that some jokes from movies are usable for your speech, while others are not too much more than rubbish. You need to pay attention and make sure to choose wisely, because wrong decisions will lead to unwanted and wrong results with the text of your father of the bride speech. And then, if your speech isn’t good enough, you will have a lot of problems afterwards and even during the wedding. This happens, because as people are easily and quickly able to notice great aspects and good/strong points, they will also notice mistakes every single time. So, it is useful to be selective with the ideas you accept.

There are also various websites full of video clips, some of them shorter and others longer. Now, generally, these videos are split into two main categories and hundreds of sub-categories (if we might say so). The two main categories, as far as I consider, are the videos made by professionals and the ones made by amateurs. What is the difference? Amateur videos are mainly shot at home or on the street, without enough previous organization and scripts, and also without too professional cameras for high quality. On the other hand, professional videos have been organized precisely, with a plan for every line said and the camera they used was an expensive, high quality video camera.

However, regarding the quality of the content, the amateur videos might contain professional messages, while the professional videos might contain amateur messages. The selection among these is all up to you, because it’s within your free choice to decide whether you would like to be inspired by one or another. These are sites like YouTube and Metacafe, and many others as well. These sites have truckloads of videos to select from, even for your father of the bride speech.

Of course, you should never expect to find the speech readily edited for your needs. That is something you will definitely not be able to find. However, you will find many ideas and many useful thoughts, catchy lines, funny jokes and presentation styles to use. Be wise, spend some more time watching these videos and make sure you have selected the best parts of what you have seen!

Body language is very important for your personal success

If we are talking about a father of the bride speech, we are implicitly talking about body language. We all know body language, even if we didn’t define it. We use it like every single day, and many times per day. Body language is a compound language, which has elements such as: gestures, hand movements, eye gestures, and others. It’s the combination of body movement with the transmitted message.

There are long and complex theories explaining how one can master body language elements. These theories and long books that have been written are not too useful for the father of the bride speech, because you will need the practical parts.

The practical elements are the above:

  • Positioning your hands correctly: if you are confused, hold your champagne while you give your speech
  • Keep your eyes moving naturally: don’t fix your looks onto someone and don’t move your sight too quickly. It’s just about being natural.
  • The tone of your voice: make sure you truly intonate the speech according to its message
  • The overall body position: don’t look tensed, but don’t look too relaxed either. Act as a natural person speaking in front of his daughter’s guests.

Of course, the above presented practical parts are a shortened version. Still, if you master them, you have what it takes for your father of the bride speech!

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