As the bride’s father, it’s crucial to make sure that you give the best speech you can. It’s partly for your own good but it’s mostly one of the greatest presents to give to your daughter. Being her father, it isn’t at all easy to accept that she’s now separate and started her own family but you can’t let your possessive thoughts take over control.

The first thing to know about father of the bride speeches is their structuring. An ideal speech structure normally has a brief introduction, a speech body – what needs to be told, some jokes, some speech tricks eventually – and then a conclusion, even shorter than the introduction. Are there any rules to follow? While some people would try to prove that you need this rule and that rule, we are focusing on building up a unique speech, so that people will listen to you and appreciate what you are about to say. The fact is that a lot of people, even if not documented enough in such topics, can easily detect by their ears if you are not being original.

The introductory part of all father of the bride speeches should include a greeting and – if desired – an introduction-joke. That could be a short joke, but make sure to joke harmlessly. You should thank people for being there and you should thank everyone who helped you to organize this event. However, don’t forget one golden truth about bride’s father speeches: people won’t give you all the time in the world. A short speech means you don’t care while a long one means that people can’t wait to see you sit and shut up. None of these options is good. If you simply focus on including everything in 5 minutes, people will love what you have to say.

Although you will probably feel like you have to draw some attention upon yourself, don’t forget that this day is all about your grown up daughter. Talk about how special she is, talk about how you raised her and how you cared for her. You can also mention positive stories from her life, her qualities and her successes as far as you know. Reflecting on how your daughter brought happiness to your family’s life. Even if you remember bad things she did, don’t even mention them. Also, if you find yourself burst into some tears – being outran by emotions – then try focusing and speaking out clearly.

Any successful father of the bride speech can only be perfectly in place if you practice a lot, if you think before having the speech. Without practice you will find yourself in the middle of pauses and in middle of no ideas, not knowing what to say. Your gestures and your mimic are also crucial as people will be looking at you, cameras will also be focused on you and your entire family will instinctively listen to what you say and follow your mistakes.

After having the all-about-your-daughter part, you should briefly talk about the time she met her husband and how you met him. This is also the ideal moment to welcome the groom into your family and telling him that he will now have to take care of your daughter, just like you took care until this moment.

Before ending your speech you could tell a meaningful story, if you can think of any. If no ideas come by, any wise quotes, words of wisdom or anything similar come in quite handy.

Throughout the speech, you can make use of attention-capturing techniques, such as changing the tone of your voice or wise gestures or telling jokes. All of these can be used, but with care, so that you don’t get away from the main line of the speech.

Father of the bride speeches are usually ended with toast proposals. Sometimes, before the toast proposal itself, you could include a funny and short closing-joke.

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