My daughter got married earlier this year and as Father of the Bride I had the terrifying job of making a speech at her wedding.

I spent over two weeks trying to write a speech but it always sounded hopeless! I was really under pressure to come up with an impressive speech and wedding day was just few days away. Thankfully a friend suggested a website where I could find a step-by-step guide on how to make inspiring father of bride wedding speeches. And I ordered a package for a cheap price. I received 25 examples!

Aside from the struggle in constructing a speech, I also had the dread of speaking in public. The speech pack also did a lot to help me overcome my dread in public speaking. It gave me tips and guidelines on how to speak with confidence in public.

When I eventually finished my speech, I worked on the next part which is delivering my speech in public. I practiced reading it aloud in front of the mirror. I also tried reading it in front of my wife and she was pretty impressed. Practicing helped me a lot. When the huge day came, surprisingly I wasn’t nervous at all (Well ok, hardly nervous at all). In fact, I was even excited to deliver my speech.

After my speech, I received a warm applause from the crowd (or wedding guests I suppose I should call them) and more importantly I saw a joyful smile in my daughter’s face. I approached her and gave her a hug. She softly whispered, “Thanks Dad.” It was a very fulfilling moment for me. It was a simple enough speech (with a few excellent jokes thrown in) yet, it meant so much to my daughter.

I strongly recommend the speech pack to anyone who is facing the challenge of preparing a wedding day speech.

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