Nowadays we are very familiar with watching movies of all types. Only few of us are actually able to realize that these movies are not necessarily a waste of time, as a lot of the movies we watch throughout the years will eventually help us in some life situations. Now, considering bride’s father speeches as situations, you will be surprised and shocked to find out how much movies actually help within this area of our lives in which we always believe we need experts and weeks to provide something useful and valuable (to come up with a great speech).

First of all, I will reflect on movies with not-so-obvious messages as far as father of the bride speeches are concerned. Yes, this claim truly means that movies which do not represent any weddings or any speeches told by their characters can actually help wedding speeches a lot.

Mainly, all speeches are based on the father-daughter relationship within the family as well as the relationship between the groom and the bride’s parents. These two elements are the most important and meaningful in the editing of any father of the bride speech. Of course, you might note that there are movies which represent mixed or bad father-daughter relationships, with a lot of arguments and disagreement. As far as your wedding speech is concerned, forget movies which would not provide a good example nor help you come up with a good speech. On the other hand, some movies show how loving some fathers are with their daughters and how their daughters respect them. Other movies reflect on how a father’s life is shattered once his daughter is involved in an accident or goes to the hospital for a heavy surgery.

Movies with emotional content as above mentioned will probably bring your forgotten feelings to life. You will start taking your daughter’s photo albums out, you will start looking at family videos and you will suddenly realize how much you love your daughter and how many good years there were together, as one family. Well, these feelings must be included – positively – in all bride’s father speeches. People will love to hear about your love for your own daughter.

Then, a lot of movies include scenes with marriage. Those scenes are sometimes great representations of what real marriages are like. You can watch the characters, the invited people over there, the bride, the groom and their parents. Thus, you can easily identify good and bad elements, good and bad speeches. Movies are always easy to understand, since the audio and visual representation of certain situations, with you being a mere observer, makes your brain understand details. This is why random people are so good at criticizing movies or other aspects of life.

Finally, there are great movies about love. That’s where you can get truly inspirational quotes from, that’s how you can see what kind of ideas are good to be shared with the newlyweds. Then, to edit a valuable speech, all you need to do is collect the information, read a couple of examples for the structure and put a decent toast proposal in the end.

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