Now, we are going to talk about all amazing father of the bride speech techniques. Some of these techniques are basic ones, others are maybe sophisticated, but as soon as you get to know how it is recommended to use them you will realize the simplicity.

One of the most basic techniques is your attitude. Please do not assume that handling your own attitude is an easy thing to face, something that you can make sure about in any case. You see, as we face challenges and situations, our attitudes change. This applies for every father of the bride speech, since it’s for the fathers to think that they should build fortresses around their daughters to keep them protected from any harm. Yes, that’s a bit exaggerated, but the point is that some fathers are performing extra “fatherly” duties they shouldn’t even have.

Then, the attitude of a person has many ups and downs. First of all, any attitude when it comes to a wedding speech as in this case is influenced by the level of stress, anxiety and other contradictory (or not so contradictory) feelings gathering up in your heart.

Stress alone would only do harm, that’s sure. A very essential battle strategy (if we might use such an expression to define father of the bride speech techniques) is that you fight all the stress. How and what methods will help you with that? It’s hard to answer in a sentence, but let me reveal some essentials here. If you are stressed at the normal level, it’s okay. However, in some instances, it seems that the stress jumps beyond and behind your physical and emotional (personal) limits. In these occurrences, you need some stress management.

How stress management is successfully handled for your father of the bride speech? To handle all of the stress you gathered and faced before the wedding, you need to manage that stress before the wedding and definitely way before the day of the ceremonies. If you leave things until the last day, you will most probably find it nearly impossible to complete, as things would’ve gotten to reach very advanced levels of complexity. Even if organizing a wedding and helping with all of the things that come across is very stress-filling, you need some time to relax.

This is yet another technique, to use stress management and relaxation to benefit you in achieving a higher level of awareness and preparedness for your father of the bride speech. While you relax, you can take a walk, talk with your friends, watch some serials and/or movies and read books and magazines. These items are all full of various articles, themes and topics from which you will definitely find plenty of those that are on the topic of wedding speeches. Now, the truth is that not every father will ever think of using his relaxation time to document himself for the wedding speech and even more, almost no father will assume that valuable ideas, techniques, tips and innovations regarding father of the bride speeches can be found in these sources.

Since you now know how things really are, you can get the maximal value of these simplistic things and enjoy all of these relaxing items. You will probably find documenting a bit more difficult as you begin, but as you proceed with things you will realize that the sources are nearer than you imagined and it’s quite easy to get the best ideas.

Then, stress management is about knowing how everything will go perfectly right. This is a battle of your own thoughts and ideas. It’s the process during which you will have to convince yourself (even if it’s not too logical yet) that things are all under control.

Then anxiety might come into the picture on the downside. Handling anxiety is based on psychology, since you must realize that people didn’t necessarily come to the wedding to eat you alive and they will probably be slightly better than some sea monsters that are ready to swallow you. Okay, seriously, anxiety doesn’t have too much reasoning and you should really consider forgetting about these feelings.

Anxiety can be controlled if you have prepared for your father of the bride speech long enough to feel confident. Confidence comes from within your heart and soul and it’s a feeling that assures you that you know what you are going to say.

Another technique is holding your hands correctly during your father of the bride speech. If you manage to hold your hands correctly, then people will be amazed by your speech. This is because if proper body language is used, the message you have is transmitted very differently and with a huge impact. Bad speakers aren’t bad because they can’t speak and they aren’t bad because they’d lack ideas. No, that’s a misconception. The truth is that everyone who isn’t yet capable of speaking not less than awesomely must learn that there is a body language of your hands that comes with a wedding speech.

Actually, if you didn’t give too many speeches in your life, it’s not too simple to explain how your hands should be held. If you are good observer, you will realize that many people tell everything about themselves without audible words, just by speaking with the language of their bodies. Be it your best friend or the freak from the next door, everyone has a unique language which reflects their feelings, intentions and stuff like that. In the exact same way, you have to express confidence and a good father of the bride speech attitude simply with the position of your hands.

If you have some free time, the most recommended thing to do is watching hand positions in movies. You know all of your favorite actors and actresses who held speeches in their movies (their characters held speeches if we want to be more specific) and you were simply so proud of how well that speech was constructed and told in the movie? Well, they all studied psychology and expressiveness with body language and that’s why they were able to make it happen. Thus, by observing how they did it and trying to copy the gestures accordingly, you will have fun and easy time learning all about hand gestures during speeches. However, you should keep in mind that different types of speeches demand different attitudes and different positions of your hands (especially palms and fingers). Make sure that what you document yourself from is a good source for wedding speeches. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a father of the bride speech, since any wedding speech should respect the same guidelines in hand gestures and overall body language.

An easy getaway from these things is holding a pen or a glass in your hands while speaking. That way, you won’t feel things such as your hands are bothering you and you won’t awkwardly feel like having no idea on where your hands should be placed.

Keeping great eye contact is also to be considered, if you want a quality father of the bride speech. Yes, it’s a good speech technique. So, you might now wonder who to keep eye contact with, especially if there are hundreds (or maybe only dozens) of guests? The eye contact should actually be maintained with the family and the guests all the time. Don’t look at the window, at the ceiling or at the floor, unless you have a very good reason to say something about those elements. If that is not your case, keep your eyes on people.

Actually, eye contact is the primary method of keeping yourself connected with your guests. And this is highly important. Maybe some folks would say that keeping contact is very complicated and that you will need to know a lot of things and read a lot of books, plus have some extra skills. That is not necessarily true! Being connected most of the times is based on very basic and simple things, such as eye contact.

Now, a sensitive but necessary technique and we might also say section of your speech is the joke section. Including jokes is highly recommended, but you must have a great sense of humor and you must also know how to adapt the jokes to the guests who are present in the room to celebrate with your daughter and your entire family (and of course the groom’s family as well).

Jokes can keep people interested and focused or jokes in other unfortunate cases might keep people disgusted. To make sure that your jokes are on the positive side, make sure to ask as many advices as possible and watch as many movies as possible. There are moments when jokes are golden, while in other moments they are senseless and useless things being told. It’s all about what is happening, who is there and what the joke’s point is. Make sure that you don’t tell any jokes to judge or to discourage or insult someone. Such jokes will never be welcome. But, if you can cause a good laughter and people can enjoy your sense of humor, a joke or two are always welcome!

Enjoy all of these amazing father of the bride speech techniques and use them as you wish and if you consider them appropriate, make sure that your guests won’t be bored during your speech!

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