When the glorious day comes for you to have your father of the bride speech, it becomes so important to use the correct speech structure. The bride’s father speech structure isn’t too different compared to other wedding speeches’ structure. However, the main structure, the common structure that most people use can easily be changed.

Some of you might stare at the last sentence above and ask “what does that mean?” Let me explain it and clarify it! When speaking of any types of changes to the father of the bride speech structure, the changes can’t occur in the elementary (basic) parts of the speech. That means that there is a skeleton structure for your speech and all you can do is partially change the order of the items in this structure and you can also add new items.

Having that said, you probably guessed what the mandatory speech structure elements are. As there is no wedding speech without an introduction, there is no wedding speech without a formal (sometimes joke-coloured) introductory part. When can we use jokes in father of the bride speeches? It’s difficult to draw the line and say that there are obvious cases to joke and other cases when it’s obvious to omit jokes. Luckily, there is great rule to follow. If you paid a little attention, you can know who is coming to the wedding. Knowing people will give you ideas on whether they would enjoy listening to introductory jokes or not. This also depends on the family, because you mainly have the speech for the family and the guests’ presence is only of secondary importance from this point of view.

Another element of the father of the bride speech structure that really can’t miss is the part when all things you say are about your daughter, the beautiful bride of the day. For some fathers, it’s very difficult to get to this part. It gets emotional or it gets very stressing, while other times you might have a sudden feeling like you’d disagree with the wedding and would like to take your daughter back home. Don’t do any of these mistakes! It’s okay if you are a bit emotional, but you must speak honestly, happily and most importantly with a huge amount of confidence. If there is no confidence from your side, then your speech can’t be that good. That’s because people will read your body language, thus they will read all of your emotions and pay more or less attention to what you say thanks to your current emotions.

Then, to have some generalized parts of the commonly used father of the bride speech structure, some fathers choose to talk about the groom while others choose to talk about the couple and their happiness together. Regardless of your decision, whether you speak about the groom or about the newlyweds, it’s important to have one or another. You should never leave this part out! I heard about weddings where the father of the bride speech didn’t include this part and people were so annoyed and they were complaining about how that man can be so rude. You wouldn’t enjoy having such things told about you behind your back, would you?

The next parts of the speech are the parts when things can be changed, adjusted and these are the parts where you can leave your creativity to work out the best results. Most people, because of missing other ideas, choose to quote books, poems and other sources as well. Let us be honest on this. It’s not a problem to quote these things, but it’s not too original either. However, if you can’t come up with a more creative idea, then you should also quote some inspirational source. If you have your own creative story, presentation or whatever else you think is suitable, it’s much more originality and people will love it!

The toast is always left to the end and can’t miss from the father of the bride speech structure. What do you say when toasting? The simplest thing to do is reading examples online or watching movies to get the best ideas!

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