Giving a high quality father of the bride speech is the dream of every woman who is just awaiting her wedding. Since we all know that women are more sensitive, paying attention to various small details that are not as important for men, we can find out that their desire is real, for seeing how people show them affection, understanding, protection and things like.

Why not satisfy this pure desire with the occasion of your girl’s wedding? It’s just the perfect time to show her how much you loved her and will love her from now on!

The fatherly pride we deal with

No matter how intensively and how repeatedly fathers deny this truth, men and women both know it’s true: when things are about a man’s daughter, every man has a pride and a tendency to not let his daughter go. Why is this psychological reality impacting men so deeply? Let me explain.

Within every marriage, things start like a man and woman who had fallen in love. We know that future generations are always better, smarter and brighter than older generations. Obviously, as parents, everybody wants the best for their children.

Thus, from a man’s point of view, he loves his wife. Having their baby girl is like seeing a new, better version of his wife. This doesn’t mean that he would have a wrong relationship with his own girl, but it means that he feels like that girl needs to be protected with even more care.

Thus, fatherly pride will come at surface, whenever a man with serious intentions appears. This situation is hard as it is, but can get even harder if the bride’s parents are divorced. If the bride lived with her mother before getting married, a father might feel like some aggressive behavior and attitude is needed in order to show the groom that he is the father, a real man.

Regardless of your backgrounds, no matter where you live, the principles are the same. Even if you stay with your wife (the mother of your daughter) or you are single or re-married, your daughter must be respected. Why should you respect her? Think about the following aspects:

  1. Women are not meant to live alone, thus they need husbands.
  2. If you wanted to have children, you knew you could have a girl among them. If you knew that, then you also knew that the baby girl will marry when she grows to be an adult.
  3. If you respect your girl, she will keep respecting and visiting you even after the marriage. By showing wrong attitudes, disrespect, aggression, fights and things like that, the only things you will achieve are: revenge, hatred, conflicts, no visits from the newlyweds and nasty things like that. You wouldn’t want those situations, would you?
  4. People will notice if you have a wrong attitude. Not only will you destroy your respect as a father, but you will achieve to get into a situation in which your friends, relatives and others start blaming you for everything and start saying bad things about you constantly. It’s not too wise to cause such situations and be a black sheep in the eyes of many!
  5. By respect, it’s easy to teach something, because respect also brings love. If someone tells you a truth and is filled with hate, you will never listen to such a person. But if that person says the same truth with a heart full of love, the truth will hit your existence and you will open your eyes and heart to that truth, confessing that it’s true and thanking that person for saying. Thus, if you respect your girl, you will indirectly teach her to respect you.

Obviously, there are more aspects to support why respecting your daughter’s decisions is the best solution, but these 5 points are clear enough to show the essence.

The deal-with-it and enjoy strategy

Yes, we will now reflect on two points:

  • Dealing with the situation (the marriage) is important.
  • Enjoying the marriage of your daughter, meaning that you are happy for her.

How to deal with it and why is it important for your father of the bride speech

I know, it’s hard to let go, it’s hard to accept that you are no longer that great authority on your daughter’s life. You know what people say, and it’s true: that’s how life is meant to be. Everything has its own time and so does marriage. When the time for marriage comes, you will simply have to learn to be very open-minded and to deal with this reality.

What happens if you fail to deal with this reality? I can say that only bad things would happen, but if this is you, then please (I mean please, I am begging you, for your own good) be polite enough to keep it to yourself, not expressing it to your family or others. This is very important, because if you let the feelings flow, your father of the bride speech will indirectly say something like ‘hey people, I am really not okay with the fact that my daughter got married’. Don’t make such a mistake!

On the other hand if your emotions are cooled down and you already managed to deal with this amazing situation, everything changes. You will have a positive influence in your wedding speech and people will notice the change, they will notice what is happening. Thus, your speech will be so full of a great message, that you may easily bring people to tears with beautiful and real things you will say.

However, thinking of your future grandchildren might easily soften your heart and make you realize that this apparently “bad” situation isn’t bad after all.

Being happy for your daughter

There are several reasons why you, as a father, can and should be happy for your daughter:

  1. She found her partner. If it’s not the right partner? Many people made that mistake and still survived! Also, sometimes it’s only for the mistakes to teach us what the right things are.
  2. Your daughter will possibly have children, thus you will become a grandpa.
  3. As a woman, your daughter will always need the protection of a man. Having another man protect her, as her husband, and having you as her dad is a double-insurance of safety. Thus, you will know your daughter is protected and happy.
  4. You will have some new goals in your life to support your daughter. In other words, this marriage will also color the days of your life.
  5. Sometimes we need to change the routines and try new things. A new marriage in the family definitely does that.
  6. With your daughter’s wedding you will feel younger again.

The movie strategy

Pardon me, did I read movie strategy? You definitely did!

So, what I am trying to say is simple, yet a bit more complex. Many movies were based on true stories and on realities of life we are often confronted with. These realities are so obvious, yet we fail to see them so many times.

By watching some quality movies, one can find that some overlooked realities are in front of their eyes again. Considering your father of the bride speech, these things definitely enable you to speak really creatively. And it’s not only about the creativity. Movies are colored with symbols, personalities, fantasy worlds and many other elements. Thus, you will have a great inspiration to write and give an amazing wedding speech for your daughter.

Also, we know that movies often make us cry by the aspects and points of view they are able to represent with such easiness. We understand these visual transmissions so easily! Thus, you are encouraged to make use of movies, to watch movies and be inspired for your father of the bride speech!

The strategy of written materials

In the modern era there are millions of written materials. The primary source, where most are available, is the electronic source. Blogs, guest posts and other online materials such as e-books have already filled the internet and they keep filling it daily! There is so much content that is uploaded every single day that there is no human being capable of following all news all the time.

What does this mean in the benefit of your father of the bride speech? It simply means that you will very easily be able to find things that haven’t been discussed before. You will find new things that haven’t been presented with wedding speeches and published on the internet. Of course, people might often expect things to be said if these things appear in the context of father of the bride speeches online. Thus, it’s easy to explain that undocumented wedding speech material will be a surprise to the newlyweds but to guests too!

And then, there are millions of printed, traditional books. You can make use of poems, romantic stories, fiction novels and other genres. Every single genre has many representations of weddings, true love, joining destinies, sacrifice, living happily ever after and things like that. These valuable representations can really help with your speech.

Conclusions on why strategies are important

The importance of strategies should be quite obvious, but I will now simplify their importance and significance to you.

They are important because if you have tactics, if you have plans then it’s very easy to put things into practice. Many people get stuck with ideas, because they have ideas but miss applications. Then, the more strategies you have, the easier you will write the best father of the bride speech.

If you have any ideas, any experiences with strategies, please share!

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