The glorious day of your daughter’s wedding has finally arrived and you are probably one of the most nervous people around. It isn’t that hard to understand – being nervous is simply unavoidable as the wedding day brings a lot of joy, a lot of duties, maximal stress, maximal amount of emotions and things you couldn’t even imagine before.

There is a good thing in speaking your father of the bride speech and there is a bad thing. The good thing is that you will most likely be the first or the second person to have a wedding speech. The bad thing is that you’ll probably become very agitated and will likely have no idea what to say. All of these bad things can be avoided if you prepare in time.

Only a couple of things are needed to be taken into consideration. First of all, you must have a sketch of what you are about to say. Then, you need to speak about your daughter, speak about the groom, include jokes here or there and make the speech short but meaningful. The ideal wedding speech falls between 4 and 5 minutes and keeps the structure and formality of all wedding speeches.

In this article you’ll see an example, but you can change it, add elements to it or remove elements from it – everything you need to make it suitable. So, here is your father of the bride speech example:

“Dear gathered ones! Being the father of the bride I am more than happy to be the first speaker today. I hope you will enjoy listening to me, since my daughter told me she would beat me up if I had a bad speech. So, dear Maria, I decided to give my worst speech today!Jessica and I have been talking about the wedding earlier today and we both came to the same conclusions. The first and most important conclusion we have reached is how proud we are of Maria for being a woman today, for finding true love and for stepping into a whole new stage in her life. It takes a lot of courage, wisdom, love and sacrifice to decide that you will get involved into marriage. Marriage should be thought of as a life-long dance with one partner. We are sad that a lot of marriages are broken apart nowadays but we are firmly convinced that Brian and Maria are all a different story.My wife Jessica was the one who first met Brian and she told me from that very first day that she has a feeling, a positive feeling, about Brian. I was very skeptical as I thought that Brian is just like any other boy Maria met before, but I couldn’t have been any more wrong. I saw the two of them sharing the most wonderful days in their lives, I saw both of them going on various trips across several countries together, years in a row. As years passed and their love grew roots, I also realized that there is something very special about this relationship. My daughter was all different, she started behaving differently, but in a positive way. She seemed to be in pink clouds all the time, but she wasn’t wrong, because her heart was the one who took her there.

This is all thanks to Brian. Son, I must say that I am proud of you. I met a lot of boys, all of your age, but I couldn’t have ever found a better match for Maria. Brian, I welcome you to my family and I must say – so that everyone knows – that your union with my daughter is simply perfect. Yes, dear people, they match better than two snowflakes falling to earth together. They are in perfect harmony and in great love.

Being married to Jessica for 30 years now, I must share some useful thoughts with you. Brian, you must learn to understand that a woman has her own needs. She needs all that fancy makeup, hairstyle, fancy clothes (from which she’d later wear around 20% only) to feel good about herself. She will also enjoy shopping for 5 or 6 hours in a row, even if the products she was looking for could’ve been found in 15 minutes only. You will also need to understand that even if 2-3 days occur when she doesn’t feel like making love to you, she’ll truly get back to you in a sweeter way a couple of days later. Women only keep testing you. They want to know: are you patient with them? Do you understand their needs? Can you love them even if they can’t sexually please you every single day? These small things are very important for women.

Maria, you will also need to understand that men think differently. Sometimes (not all the time) you will have to give up on your own will because your husband’s needs would be more important. Although you are the woman, that doesn’t mean that men require no attention. On the contrary: they require a lot of attention, but they simply shut their mouths and wouldn’t complain about the lack of attention. So yeah, unfortunately, you will have to realize on your own. Also, when a man wants beer or watching a football match, let him do it. It’s the same as when you want to watch your next episode of your favorite serial screened on TV weekly. Also, as you require going out with your girls, you will have to let him go out with his boys as well. Don’t exaggerate, though! Don’t hurt each other and don’t spend too many hours without each other’s company. Try going out with common friends, other couples or something like that. Freedom isn’t only about being separated!

Enough said for today – I am really happy that Brian and Maria are getting married and I wish them all of the best in their lives. Let us now toast to their marriage, to their future children and to their happiness! Stand up everyone! Cheers!”

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