For every father of the bride wedding speech, making it customized is the most important thing every father must be looking for. If you only follow certain templates, a couple of wise words from 2 friends or 2 speech examples, you will likely have an average quality or low quality speech. For such a unique event, we can’t afford anything below great!

First of all, you must understand the preparations it takes for you to come up with a great speech. You need to enhance your speaking abilities, your emotion control and your attitude. Let’s talk about them separately!

The good speaker has the good speech

It’s always about how you speak and when you speak. A good speaker didn’t learn it in high school and didn’t learn it in college. You need to have a very clear mind and a perfect organization of ideas. Sometimes you can “cheat” a little by writing small notes with 5-10 keywords, which will remind you of what you have to say during your father of the bride speech. Although you will probably say “oh, I don’t need stupid things like that” I must let you down by telling you that you actually have no idea how badly you need it!

Also, it’s very important to learn the elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. Constructing sentences is very important, you must make sure that the meaning of your message reaches everyone and cannot be misinterpreted. Sometimes, you might want to include double sense sentences to cause funny confusion in the listeners, but the best father of the bride wedding speech still transmits a clear message, even with double meanings.

Your body language is also a key element. You can’t use a body language which would tell others that you’re bored, uncomfortable or unhappy to be there. Even if any of these match your current feelings, you must hide them from everyone! Your nonverbal communication must only say positive things and inspire credibility and honesty.

Controlling the emotions, controlling the speech

Controlling your emotions and flow of your speech are hard things. This is why a lot of practice is required and you can always ask your family members to let you know how poor or how good your father of the bride speech was on the first attempt and you can be certain that they will criticize you in an honest way. This is how you can know what to say, how to say it and what not to say.


Your attitude must be a positive one and you must respect manners. You should also have a great control of the tonality of your voice. Saying only polite and nice things is highly advisable, if you really want a high quality father of the bride wedding speech.

How to customize things: make everything perfect for your daughter

This is where things make sense, because you’ve already went to the above steps of making the speech flawless and better. You know your daughter and you’re the one who best knows her personality. You truly know what annoys her – avoid saying any of those things that would likely annoy her.

You also have certain other advantages: you might have kept a positive secret from her (which you could announce during the father of the bride speech), you might have made her an unexpected surprise during your speech and you truly know what makes her happy.

With all of the above information, you can consult with your best friends and your wife, to come up with the best ideas and solutions for your wedding speech. Things aren’t hard at a wedding speech, it only takes some free time, dedication, interest, creativity and willing to improve things!

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