I’ve been reading through books and father of the bride speech examples but I was disappointed. What caused my disappointment? I missed that one special thing of creativity that would turn any bride’s father speech into an epic speech. However, I must also confess that a lot of valuable information is to be found in books and articles from various places. We’ll now discuss the elements you must respect and then we’ll proceed to exemplifying how a normal father of the bride wedding speech can be turned into an amazing one!

The formal elements of any wedding speech are very important. You can’t change the structure of a wedding speech, but you can’t leave the structure of the wedding speech to go with your own structure. People would feel awkward and they would probably feel like you are missing something.

The introduction is very important. You must welcome everyone and you must show people how grateful you are to have the speech and to have them present at this great event. You should also talk about your daughter, about stories that best represent her positive qualities and all of her personality in a positive way. Optionally, you might reflect on the day you’ve been introduced to the groom and eventually to the groom’s family and how great it has been to know them all and get together occasionally. It is also advisable to share a great wedding quote or your own words of wisdom. Almost every father of the bride speech contains such a part and you shouldn’t leave it out either. And then, lastly, a toast proposal is also mandatory and required.

So, let’s get down to the creative part! Using modern technology, you could use a perfect idea of a great father of the bride speech with editing PowerPoint slides and using a beamer you would synchronize the slides with your speech. This is like WOW, really? Yes, if you practice long enough, if you’re good at PowerPoint or hire someone who is good at PowerPoint then you can be sure that everyone would like it.

Imagine how the slides keep rolling in the background, showing pictures of your baby daughter as you speak about how she was born and stuff. Imagine her pictures alone at home, with girlfriends, at school at parties while you are talking about her teenage years. You can also add various pictures to show your special moments together with your daughter. If you choose the right pictures then you shouldn’t be surprised if your daughter bursts into tears of surprise and happiness at the same time!

Of course, as creative PowerPoint slides could be, you can add animations, funny sounds running slightly on low volume in the background and things like that. The number of elements you could use is almost infinite! Towards the end of the slide, it’s wise to add pictures with the entire family, with the newlyweds, with special vacations or eventually pictures representing a young couple in love (artistic pictures), an old couple in love a special place filled with flowers or some amazing artistic pictures with wise quotes. All of these modern technology elements can truly be meaningful and helpful during your most creative father of the bride speech!

Of course, you will need a lot of patience to learn synchronizing your speech with the actual slides. Don’t ever think of recording your speech and having a playback speech – that would ruin everything from the magical wonder of such a unique father of the bride speech idea!

If this had started your fantasy, if you came up with similar or better thoughts, please leave your comments or contact me directly!

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