It is not always easy to make sure you can come up with the best father of the bride speech, but it is fair enough to say that you can make sure about the preparing. If you want a great speech, your preparations must also be great. It’s not all about feeling too relaxed or convenient, but it’s more like feeling that you have invested your efforts into these things.

Be yourself

bride's father winter speechesMany times failure is just the fact that you are trying so hard to be like someone else. You need to accept your own identity and realize that you weren’t born to be a professional and further than that, even if you’re not a pro the father of the bride speech you are about to write and present can be a professional one.

Being yourself is also about the style you have the speech in. If you have a certain style, don’t try to use the neighbor’s style of speaking. People who know you – and trust me, there will be dozens of them – would realize that you are not like yourself and they will find it very weird and inappropriate. You should never allow such things to happen, you should always make sure about the attitude and the language. Of course, the attitude isn’t one of promoting yourself. The right attitude is when you are able to promote your daughter and the groom as well. After all, they are now one couple and the wedding was arranged for their happiness.

Give yourself enough time

You need enough time if you want to make sure that you are prepared as you should. If you don’t allow yourself the time to prepare, it is very hard to make sure that you’re all right with the writing and then with the presentation.

By giving yourself the time you need you also get rid of plenty of unnecessary stress. You don’t need to be stressed, because if you are, then it’s hard to write well. You need to keep focus on the daily progress you are able to come up with. If you don’t have progress daily, you don’t really succeed in things. Even if today you are able to squeeze out like 10 minutes to prepare, and tomorrow it’s only half of that time, you are okay because your father of the bride speech is advancing. Just don’t let any day pass without progress, and without a great amount of progress.

Compare your speech to other speeches around the internet

If there are too many things that are way too similar, that means your speech is not of the best quality. Furthermore, you need to have a similar structure, because otherwise it means you are missing some points. Now I don’t say that every speech on the internet is of a great quality, I don’t say all of them are good examples to follow. Still, if you are detail-oriented enough, you will find it easy to notice strong points in each speech and be able to make use of those strong points in order to write your high quality father of the bride speech.

However, it shouldn’t turn into a daily routine such as trying to find dozens of new and different speeches online. I don’t say there aren’t enough, but it would make no good difference if you found 10 or 100, because 10 are enough to distinguish between them.

Let your heart speak out for your daughter

Your daughter is very important on the wedding day, it’s all going to be about her and the new life she planned with the groom. You need to speak honestly, letting people know about your daughter and how much you appreciate her and your support towards this decision. If you can’t show some support and respect, people won’t really be able to respect what you say.

If you have anything that you don’t consider as finished business with your daughter then you need to forget about those details when speaking. What is to be classified as family business or family fights from the past, must stay within your family and not go out publicly.

It is very important to let your daughter know that she can count on you. If she has doubts about that, this might be the last time she was ever really your daughter. If you make her think you are not there for her when she needs you, she will surely avoid talking to you and she will surely not want to do anything with you or with your other family members.

How you should talk about the groom

The groom is now your son-in-law. You need to tell him, honestly, that you have accepted him as your son and as part and member of your family. If this makes you think like “no way” or “this is exaggerated”, then you can know that he will take your daughter, the bride, and keep her away from you. You can’t go out with an attitude supporting the bride and tearing the groom apart. Such attitudes cause only fights and hate, never the ability to rejoice as a now bigger family.

Also, if you don’t have the right attitude towards the groom, it will be impossible for his family to accept you or your daughter. So if you think of something like “I am the hero here”, you would make it harder for your entire family, especially for your daughter.

So, make sure you can stay positive and happy about the groom, or else things might go terribly wrong with the speech and with all future relationships. If you create a bond with these people, you will later be happy for acting that way.

Body language control on the way!

You need to be the perfect controller of your own body language. If your body sends out unwanted messages to the people around, then it can get really hard to speak well. You know, everyone is focused on communication via body language. We can never expect others to not react to things we have emitted with our movement, eyes, and other parts of the body.

The hands play a very important role and you can’t act like a salesman or politician when holding your father of the bride speech. You should never try doing that, because people will find it quite inappropriate. The best way to hold the hands correctly is having them naturally accompany the things you are saying or holding a glass or paper in your hands. By holding something, you might actually feel more confident.

Then, other details go around your eyes. If your eyes are staring at the floor or ceiling, you shouldn’t expect people to pay attention to your words, because they will assume you are freaked out and lost control. Instead, try becoming natural to a level at which you can already look at people, and speak in front of them is in front of a large group of close friends. If you already have that attitude, it’s much easier to make sure you’ve got things right.

Last but not least, make sure about the overall body position. You can’t just have a stiff body like a soldier on duty, and you can’t go out like a hippy, acting all too cool and careless. You need to become natural, and have a body position of confidence and bride’s father attitude. People must see you have a great attitude, and then they will surely want to hear the speech too.

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