Before writing your bride’s father speech, you need ideas at least dozens of them to make sure that you will succeed. There are so many people that think about the ideas as something problematic, as something that is hard to find and something that doesn’t come easily. These are only fake illusions, because ideas can be found everywhere.

Where to begin?

The beginning is most of the times the hardest step to take, regardless of which your direction is with that step. I am referring to bride’s father speech ideas here, but to other things as well. So you will need to take a deep breath and decide to begin. If the decision doesn’t come, you will always find yourself wandering and you will simply find that you are doing hundreds of other things, but never the things that you should do right now. Such a state is not a good one, this is not a desirable thing for you to do.

We live in a modern world. Like a decade ago, our forefathers only had paper or maybe not even paper. This depends on the areas they lived in. However, today, while we still use paper to take notes and to help us learn some things, we also use mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many other devices. All of these items, in the context of finding appropriate bride’s father speech ideas, are meant for the purpose of reading, notes and watching videos.

As you have probably guessed, out of these things the first you should do is read and watch videos. But here comes a very important question: what should I read and what should I watch in order to find the best bride’s father speech ideas for my own speech? Let us discuss these things in details now!

What we can recommend you to read

The best thing about a father of the bride speech is that you never have a single idea, a single template to go with. This enables you to become highly flexible and this also enables you to be aware of many things, such as there is great level of personality in any speech you would prepare and say in front of an audience.

Now comes the part when you need to take some time and read around several sources. Obviously, the first source you are reading is this guide, but then you can and should read several other materials as well. The truth is that all of these will help you and give you plenty of ideas.

There are many books, for example, that have been published and these discuss speech toasts. But then you might ask yourself: what if the book is about best man speech toasts or other types of wedding speech toasts? It’s not a problem, not at all! I have the audacity to tell you about this, because there are certain templates in expressions and in the way a toast can be said. Having that said, it is easy for anyone to make sure that any wedding speech toast text can be adapted to the bride’s father speech. That is all you need to do!

Where can you find toast text books for weddings? You can find them in many places, probably one of your friends has such a book. If that is not the case, you can purchase them online from Amazon or other websites that handle these things.

Obviously, some books will simply discuss various details on how a speech can be written and what the structural elements of a speech are.

Video materials we can strongly recommend

Here, it is pretty hard to define a certain selection of video materials, especially because most videos you could watch are of very different types and from various sources. However, there are some common things and we will mention those.

The first thing to mention here is watching movies that are somewhat related to weddings. There are many movies that have been published and have this topic as the main topic. Obviously, some movies with great actors also represent weddings where speeches are being said and everything is represented as it is in reality, with both good and bad aspects. This is what you should always expect: there is no way everything can work perfectly, but there is a way you can be in control. And what that way is? It is simply the way of being calm, conscious and relaxed, knowing how everything that would occur is in control and there is no reason to ever freak out.

Then, you can watch online videos. Some people luckily felt inspired enough to inspire others. This is great, because due to their own inspiration, these people decided to upload various videos to help others. Here you can find many bride’s father speeches from real weddings. These aren’t like movies, because they weren’t prepared with months before the wedding. Every person appearing in this amateur, personal video clips is a person who is original, because those people didn’t know that they are going to be online later on – they only found out a couple of minutes before or maybe only days after the wedding ceremony and everything related to it ended already.

The next steps for every bride’s father

The above things being said and done, you will know that you are ready for the next steps. The very next one of the bride’s father speech ideas is that you simply take some paper or any electronic “paper” (I am referring to tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, MacBooks and others) and take notes for your speech. By these notes, you will find it very simple to handle things.

However, it is very important to clarify what one should note in this step. If you don’t clearly acknowledge what is to be taken note of and what isn’t, you can easily fail or end up having missing or duplicate parts. Having duplicate parts is not at all recommended, since people always get bored if they keep hearing the same things all over again.

What you can do is simply take some of your original and creative ideas and note them. Once noted, make sure that the duplicates are eliminated. It might take some time and might be a bit harder in the beginning, but think of the end even while being at the beginning. The end result you are looking forward to is that you want to have a great, high quality bride’s father speech that everyone would remember as something amazing, especially your daughter, the groom and his family, as well as your family.

After the duplicate ideas are all eliminated and the list seems clear enough to be used in the next steps, all you need to do is expand on your ideas. For instance, if you have an important thing, such as remembering the last birthday of your daughter on a certain date, you might note it as “10th of April”, but when you say the speech you can’t really say “10th of April”, because unless people know it’s the bride’s birthday and unless they were present, it simply says nothing to them.

Expanding on ideas, however, is a tricky part. You see, after all, it’s not a limitless time amount you get to have when your bride’s father speech comes and when it’s told in front of the guests. What you can actually expect is that people will not pay any attention after a time period, which is most likely five minutes. Even if at first, speaking for five minutes might seem a lot for you, you will soon realize how it’s not a lot, how it’s only a little. So make sure the timer is on the table when you are expanding any of the speech ideas.

Structuring the speech accordingly

The speech structure of any father of the bride speech is a concrete thing. However, although it is well established, you can change some aspects, some little parts of it. Here, I strongly endorse some of your creativity to be brought into the light of the event!

For instance, in the welcoming and greeting of the guests, you can agree with your daughter forehand to call her in front, take her hand, give her a hug or a short kiss on the cheek and then tell people that the lovely bride, who is your daughter, welcomes them all to this wonderful event and then you can tell them that she is amazed and happy for their presence. While you say this, she will obviously smile.

Such a gesture, such a bride’s father speech idea is a great one out of more reasons, from which we are now about to mention two. The first reason is that it respects the fact that people will expect this part, as it is necessary for every bride’s father speech to greet the audience and to make sure that they feel great about being there, that they are happy and comforted by the host families, which includes you and your family and the groom’s family.

Another great idea is that you can simply go ahead saying some stories, which are true about your daughter and will put her in a positive light, and ask her to simply “act” like those things would be happening right now. It can be a one or two minute, very short and simplistic scene play, but this will definitely keep the guests paying attention to what you are saying. Obviously, this can also come right after the introductory part or even later, during your speech.

Every single mean of technology that exists today can also be used to your benefit, to the benefit of a speech that is told accordingly, so that people enjoy listening to it, so that they are more than satisfied about their decision of honoring the young couple with their presence.

For instance, you can use a smartphone application to make something creative, or a video projector to simply show a short video clip or any other slideshow of something important for the lives of the young couple. Even if, while reading this, you might think this is inappropriate or too risky for some people, in most cases it can work out very well. However, to avoid confusion, I will mention two important aspects:

  1. You must never forget, not even for a single minute, that this event is all about your daughter. You shouldn’t be in the center of the attention, because she is there with the groom. Don’t try to tell people or to prove that your daughter is better or more than the groom is. This is something you would probably do out of habits or reflex, but would be more than shameful during their wedding.
  2. Some guests, some types of people would indeed feel offended by such things as a video presentation or other elements that aren’t among the “standard” or “traditionalist” rules of a bride’s father speech. If you are aware that such people will come to the wedding, it is better to avoid conflicts even before they ever started. If you don’t avoid the conflicts, these can cause a lot of stress and frustration during the wedding.

Having those things said, I truly hope that no mark of confusion or inappropriate things will come to your mind, because a father of the bride speech must be clean and great for everyone.

Then, you will probably want something more than a simple quote about some truths that are in life. This part of every bride’s father speech is supposed to teach the young couple something valuable, something they will learn, remember and respect at any time.

The only way to achieve a message of impact is that you use your own personality, your own words and ideas to tell them something that is good to be known for the future. Make sure that negative aspects aren’t among the things that you will tell them.

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