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Creative and Unique Father of the Bride Speech

I’ve been reading through books and father of the bride speech examples but I was disappointed. What caused my disappointment? I missed that one special thing of creativity that would turn any bride’s father speech into an epic speech. However, I must also confess that a lot of valuable information is to be found in books and articles from various places. We’ll now discuss the elements you must respect and then we’ll proceed to exemplifying how a normal father of the bride wedding speech can be turned into an amazing one!

The formal elements of any wedding speech are very important. You can’t change the structure of a wedding speech, but you can’t leave the structure of the wedding speech to go with your own structure. People would feel awkward and they would probably feel like you are missing something.

The introduction is very important. You must welcome everyone and you must show people how grateful you are to have the speech and to have them present at this great event. You should also talk about your daughter, about stories that best represent her positive qualities and all of her personality in a positive way. Optionally, you might reflect on the day you’ve been introduced to the groom and eventually to the groom’s family and how great it has been to know them all and get together occasionally. It is also advisable to share a great wedding quote or your own words of wisdom. Almost every father of the bride speech contains such a part and you shouldn’t leave it out either. And then, lastly, a toast proposal is also mandatory and required. More

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Customize your Father of the Bride Speech

For every father of the bride wedding speech, making it customized is the most important thing every father must be looking for. If you only follow certain templates, a couple of wise words from 2 friends or 2 speech examples, you will likely have an average quality or low quality speech. For such a unique event, we can’t afford anything below great!

First of all, you must understand the preparations it takes for you to come up with a great speech. You need to enhance your speaking abilities, your emotion control and your attitude. Let’s talk about them separately!

The good speaker has the good speech

It’s always about how you speak and when you speak. A good speaker didn’t learn it in high school and didn’t learn it in college. You need to have a very clear mind and a perfect organization of ideas. Sometimes you can “cheat” a little by writing small notes with 5-10 keywords, which will remind you of what you have to say during your father of the bride speech. Although you will probably say “oh, I don’t need stupid things like that” I must let you down by telling you that you actually have no idea how badly you need it! More

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Father of the Bride Speech Example

The glorious day of your daughter’s wedding has finally arrived and you are probably one of the most nervous people around. It isn’t that hard to understand – being nervous is simply unavoidable as the wedding day brings a lot of joy, a lot of duties, maximal stress, maximal amount of emotions and things you couldn’t even imagine before.

There is a good thing in speaking your father of the bride speech and there is a bad thing. The good thing is that you will most likely be the first or the second person to have a wedding speech. The bad thing is that you’ll probably become very agitated and will likely have no idea what to say. All of these bad things can be avoided if you prepare in time.

Only a couple of things are needed to be taken into consideration. First of all, you must have a sketch of what you are about to say. Then, you need to speak about your daughter, speak about the groom, include jokes here or there and make the speech short but meaningful. The ideal wedding speech falls between 4 and 5 minutes and keeps the structure and formality of all wedding speeches.

In this article you’ll see an example, but you can change it, add elements to it or remove elements from it – everything you need to make it suitable. So, here is your father of the bride speech example:

“Dear gathered ones! Being the father of the bride I am more than happy to be the first speaker today. I hope you will enjoy listening to me, since my daughter told me she would beat me up if I had a bad speech. So, dear Maria, I decided to give my worst speech today!Jessica and I have been talking about the wedding earlier today and we both came to the same conclusions. The first and most important conclusion we have reached is how proud we are of Maria for being a woman today, for finding true love and for stepping into a whole new stage in her life. It takes a lot of courage, wisdom, love and sacrifice to decide that you will get involved into marriage. Marriage should be thought of as a life-long dance with one partner. We are sad that a lot of marriages are broken apart nowadays but we are firmly convinced that Brian and Maria are all a different story. More
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Wedding Speech for Father of the Bride

You can easily offer quality in your wedding speeches. Father of the bride wedding speeches are very important, but for an easy understanding on what you need to do and how you need to say what you really mean to say only takes careful planning, organized ideas and creativity. After what’s fun in a speech if it’s not creative or at least close to creative? Have you ever noticed that the speeches you have been listening to were all missing that special something which could’ve made you enjoy them? Well, this is exactly what we intend to present in this article.

father of the bride wedding speehNoticed something different within the first lines of this article? Even the writing style of what you are currently reading is focused on presenting a new approach by giving things a new style, so that you wonder what interesting things are about to follow. Trust me on this: keep on reading and you won’t regret!

So, I mentioned careful planning. Let’s revise what careful planning really involves and what it really is about. If you ever read some of those “wise-guy books”, then you’ve probably read a lot of sloppy content. I’m saying this because most such books are real hoaxes and they won’t ever effectively teach you anything real. So what does planning really involve? Some of the below elements should be within your planning:

  1. Think about the ones that have been invited and are likely to participate. Actually, you can’t know everyone personally, but you might easily deduct people’s personalities if you had a couple of conversations with them sometime. Even if that’s not your case, you do know More
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Quality Bride’s Father Speech

As the bride’s father, it’s crucial to make sure that you give the best speech you can. It’s partly for your own good but it’s mostly one of the greatest presents to give to your daughter. Being her father, it isn’t at all easy to accept that she’s now separate and started her own family but you can’t let your possessive thoughts take over control.

The first thing to know about father of the bride speeches is their structuring. An ideal speech structure normally has a brief introduction, a speech body – what needs to be told, some jokes, some speech tricks eventually – and then a conclusion, even shorter than the introduction. Are there any rules to follow? While some people would try to prove that you need this rule and that rule, we are focusing on building up a unique speech, so that people will listen to you and appreciate what you are about to say. The fact is that a lot of people, even if not documented enough in such topics, can easily detect by their ears if you are not being original.

The introductory part of all father of the bride speeches should include a greeting and – if desired – an introduction-joke. That could be a short joke, but make sure to joke harmlessly. You should thank people for being there and you should thank everyone who helped you to organize this event. However, don’t forget one golden truth about bride’s father speeches: people won’t give you all the time in the world. A short speech means you don’t care while a long one means that people can’t wait to see you sit and shut up. None of these options is good. If you simply focus on including everything in 5 minutes, people will love what you have to say. More

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