Tips for the Father of the Bride Speech

For your father of the bride speech, you definitely need some of the best tips in order to make sure that what you are doing is right and suitable for the upcoming ceremony and life changing event. It’s a serious issue and many fathers have gone through these things already. Most of them had a lot of frustration, while others handled things easily. The choice is always yours, because it is easy to deal with the simple things in the same way that it is easy to complicate them (and make yourself believe that everything is lacking solutions and is also complicated). Click HERE to DOWNLOAD 25 Speech Examples

To present our tips, we have made use of the most common platforms and sources you have at hand. New things always come by realizing that existing things you may have ignored can be used, or they also come if you are creative and have newer ideas of your own. In any case, talent is always great to be used, so if you have any new ideas for your own father of the bride speech and you are convinced they are good – you can use them!

Find out as much as you can about your daughter’s personality

Sometimes I deal with a common situation that makes me wonder. My friends come to me and ask me to tell them how they are supposed to write a great father of the bride speech, but they don’t know enough about their own daughters. What I hear, quite often, is that “she likes pizza” or “she has a lot of dresses and friends”. I mean people, seriously! Do these things define a woman, even if that woman is “only” your daughter? You definitely need to know a lot more than this, if you truly want a great speech. Going without such information is like being sad for not winning a prize, for which you never entered into contest.

mother of the bride

The better of the first steps is observation. Try to notice how your daughter behaves. What does she do every day? Where does she like to go? How are her friends, both boys and girls? Also, what kind of things she likes to discuss about? Unfortunately, the questions to these answers are better known by the mothers, because seemingly women pay a lot more attention to details than men. Just because this is a general case, doesn’t mean you can’t pay some attention and find out something brand new.

You can also have some dad and daughter time, during which you will talk with your daughter about several aspects of life. You can take her out, have a family time or simply with her only, during which you will have several opportunities to find out what you really need to know. It is always good to spend time with the loved ones, especially when a wedding is approaching. Things are going to change after the wedding, because as a married woman you can’t expect her to spend the same amount of time with you as before. I know it is sometimes truly difficult to understand that a daughter gets in the hands and care of another man, but just think about your wife – her father trusted her into your hands. This is simply the way life was meant to be, this is how it goes. More

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Bride’s Father Speech Ideas

Before writing your bride’s father speech, you need ideas at least dozens of them to make sure that you will succeed. There are so many people that think about the ideas as something problematic, as something that is hard to find and something that doesn’t come easily. These are only fake illusions, because ideas can be found everywhere.

Where to begin?

bride's father speech

The beginning is most of the times the hardest step to take, regardless of which your direction is with that step. I am referring to bride’s father speech ideas here, but to other things as well. So you will need to take a deep breath and decide to begin. If the decision doesn’t come, you will always find yourself wandering and you will simply find that you are doing hundreds of other things, but never the things that you should do right now. Such a state is not a good one, this is not a desirable thing for you to do.

We live in a modern world. Like a decade ago, our forefathers only had paper or maybe not even paper. This depends on the areas they lived in. However, today, while we still use paper to take notes and to help us learn some things, we also use mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many other devices. All of these items, in the context of finding appropriate bride’s father speech ideas, are meant for the purpose of reading, notes and watching videos.

As you have probably guessed, out of these things the first you should do is read and watch videos. But here comes a very important question: what should I read and what should I watch in order to find the best bride’s father speech ideas for my own speech? Let us discuss these things in details now! More Wedding Speech Examples Here

What we can recommend you to read

The best thing about a father of the bride speech is that you never have a single idea, a single template to go with. This enables you to become highly flexible and this also enables you to be aware of many things, such as there is great level of personality in any speech you would prepare and say in front of an audience. More

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Where to get Your Inspirations for Father of the Bride Speeches

When giving your father of the bride speeches you want to make it special, meaningful, and memorable not only for your daughter but for yourself and the other guests in attendance.  You look through books and online but everything seems to say the same old thing but in different ways so what should you do.

Download 25 Speech Examples

Finding inspiration to write a memorable father of the bride speech

The first thing that you need to do is start to look for sources of inspiration to make your speech unique.  This is something that should not be done a week before the wedding but should be done several months before the big day.  You should have plenty of time to find a source of inspiration to help write your bride’s father speech because planning a wedding can take time.

bride's mother wedding speech

Here are some tips to help you find that source of inspiration to make your speech unique:

  • Write from the heart.  Have several drafts of the speech to choose from that you can polish up to make it unique or take parts from all of the drafts to make the final one.
  • To make it easier to write your speech break it down into parts you can manage such as the introduction, body, and toast.
  • Make sure that you are using one theme for all three parts because you will not have to worry about tying up all the ends to make it sound complete when giving the toast.
  • Inject some humor about your daughter, son-in-law, or both of them.  Make sure that the humor does not embarrass anyone.
  • Be natural and talk about your feelings.  You want to convey a heartfelt memory and speech.

If you are still having trouble look at some of the father of the bride speech samples to see how they are done and then use your own heartfelt words.  You can also take the time to look back on some of the photos of your daughter to find one or two that bring pleasant memories and use them in your speech.   Picture her in her wedding gown and how that makes you feel.  Look at how happy she is planning her wedding, the way her face lights up when he comes to the house.  There are many things that are going on that will help to give you inspiration and things to include into your speech.   You can also include some love quote or inspiration at the end of the speech before the toast or as part of the toast.


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Father of the Bride Speech Techniques for 2014

Now, we are going to talk about all amazing father of the bride speech techniques. Some of these techniques are basic ones, others are maybe sophisticated, but as soon as you get to know how it is recommended to use them you will realize the simplicity.

One of the most basic techniques is your attitude. Please do not assume that handling your own attitude is an easy thing to face, something that you can make sure about in any case. You see, as we face challenges and situations, our attitudes change. This applies for every father of the bride speech, since it’s for the fathers to think that they should build fortresses around their daughters to keep them protected from any harm. Yes, that’s a bit exaggerated, but the point is that some fathers are performing extra “fatherly” duties they shouldn’t even have.

Then, the attitude of a person has many ups and downs. First of all, any attitude when it comes to a wedding speech as in this case is influenced by the level of stress, anxiety and other contradictory (or not so contradictory) feelings gathering up in your heart.

wedding speeches

Stress alone would only do harm, that’s sure. A very essential battle strategy (if we might use such an expression to define father of the bride speech techniques) is that you fight all the stress. How and what methods will help you with that? It’s hard to answer in a sentence, but let me reveal some essentials here. If you are stressed at the normal level, it’s okay. However, in some instances, it seems that the stress jumps beyond and behind your physical and emotional (personal) limits. In these occurrences, you need some stress management.


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Father of The Bride Speech Strategies

Giving a high quality father of the bride speech is the dream of every woman who is just awaiting her wedding. Since we all know that women are more sensitive, paying attention to various small details that are not as important for men, we can find out that their desire is real, for seeing how people show them affection, understanding, protection and things like.

Why not satisfy this pure desire with the occasion of your girl’s wedding? It’s just the perfect time to show her how much you loved her and will love her from now on!

The fatherly pride we deal with

No matter how intensively and how repeatedly fathers deny this truth, men and women both know it’s true: when things are about a man’s daughter, every man has a pride and a tendency to not let his daughter go. Why is this psychological reality impacting men so deeply? Let me explain.

Within every marriage, things start like a man and woman who had fallen in love. We know that future generations are always better, smarter and brighter than older generations. Obviously, as parents, everybody wants the best for their children.

Thus, from a man’s point of view, he loves his wife. Having their baby girl is like seeing a new, better version of his wife. This doesn’t mean that he would have a wrong relationship with his own girl, but it means that he feels like that girl needs to be protected with even more care.

Thus, fatherly pride will come at surface, whenever a man with serious intentions appears. This situation is hard as it is, but can get even harder if the bride’s parents are divorced. If the bride lived with her mother before getting married, a father might feel like some aggressive behavior and attitude is needed in order to show the groom that he is the father, a real man.

toast for wedding

Regardless of your backgrounds, no matter where you live, the principles are the same. Even if you stay with your wife (the mother of your daughter) or you are single or re-married, your daughter must be respected. Why should you respect her? Think about the following aspects:

  1. Women are not meant to live alone, thus they need husbands.
  2. If you wanted to have children, you knew you could have a girl among them. If you knew that, then you also knew that the baby girl will marry when she grows to be an adult.
  3. If you respect your girl, she will keep respecting and visiting you even after the marriage. By showing wrong attitudes, disrespect, aggression, fights and things like that, the only things you will achieve are: revenge, hatred, conflicts, no visits from the newlyweds and nasty things like that. You wouldn’t want those situations, would you? More
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